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The first babyfur art community!
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BabyFur Art Community!


Hello to all babyfurs, toddlerfurs, kidfurs, furs and all other visitors!
Welcome to the first LJ Art Community of the babyfur fandom! This
community has been created specially for those little artists and
their fans in our great babyfur community who want to share their
magnificent art and talent with us ^^.

Being this an art community, you are able to show all your babyfur and non-babyfur furry art, done by or for you.

We intend to be a special place where you as artists are able to show your talent and skills, so to be known, recognized and constructively
criticized (in the hopes for improvement) by the whole babyfur and
babyfur-art community; as for visitors and fans, to see how our great
artists improve their art, to know new rising artists, and get a share
of our "little" community.

Enjoy your stay!

Thanks to crynny for the help! <3
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working on it! ^^


Last Updated: 09/June/06